The Brussels' Run Crew

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We are a running collective from Brussels. We meet up, run the streets and have a chat over a cold beer. We laugh, make fun, discuss, are creative and exchange ideas. 


We are not a run club. We are a crew. We share the love for running and the city of Brussels. We explore it. This city is great for running.

For now, every two weeks we meet up at a bar and run 10K in one of the
neighbourhoods of Brussels. Then we grab a beer, share stories and food. 

If you can run at least 45' at a 9 to 10 km/h pace, feel free to join us.

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Game rules

+ We are a run crew, not a running club. It is not only about running. It's about having fun and meeting some new -and nice - people. 

+ Leave you ego at home. If your main concern is how fast you can go, then please refrain from attending our runs. Crew means we look out for each other. For those race machines, don't try to bypass the front runner.

+ We try to stay close to each other and keep a pace between 9 and 10 km /hour.  For some that's an easy pace, for others that's a challenge. If you are not able to run 9 to 10 km/hour for 45 minutes, please refrain from participating until you can keep up with the pace.

+  We're not a faceless group! So, if you see someone feeling a bit lost, go and introduce yourself and please make them feel at home. 

+ We stop at red lights, we leave no man behind.

+ Bring friends

+ Enjoy every moment of the run. Hesitate to join? Try one run and you're sold. 



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thurs 19/09

10K Oui Oui Parvis, meet up 7.30pm Cafe Flora, Parvis St Gilles

sun 22/09

10K Petite Ceinture - car free sunday run, meet up 10am Place Rogier!

thu 26/09

Urban training and running with Coach Fien and BXL Run Crew

Tour and Taxis - 7.30pm

thu 03/10

10K de Schaarbeek, meet up 7.30pm 1030café

sat 06/10

We do the Brussels Airport Marahon Warm Up Run!

Meet up 11am under the Arch at Cinquantenaire for a 5-7K run

thu 17/10

10K Bruxelles Ma Belle Run,

meet up Bar Les Brasseurs, 7.30pm (La Bourse)

thu 31/10

10K Dark Forest Halloween Run,

meet up 7.30pm Bar du Marché, Flagey

thu 14/11

10K Winter is Coming run

meet up 7.30pm Cafe Flora, Parvis de St Gilles

thu 28/11

10K Urban Outskirts Run

meet up 7.30pm 1030café, Jan Stobbaertslaan Schaerbeek

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